30-days challenge

We are changing the game

Give me 30 days and I will give you a new body

Give me 60 days and I will give you a new life
- Bikram Choudhury

Are you ready for the time of your life? With a 30 Day Bikram Hot Yoga Challenge you can boost your health and experience all the great physical, mental and emotional benefits of taking your practise to an amazing new level. 

By practising daily you accelerate all the great benefits that Bikram Hot Yoga has to offer. There is a cumulative effect to the practise that you will only experience if you come several days in a row. The more days - the greater effect.

We are changing the game of the 30 days challenge:

  1. Start anytime all year around
  2. Do as many 30 days Bikram Hot Yoga Challenges you want! No limits!
  3. Strictly 90 minutes classes  (we do not have any other classes since 90 minutes is the ONLY way you will reap the true benefits of Bikram Hot Yoga).
  4. 14 extra days of reward to keep or to give away to a friend
  5. Invest more - get more! Posta selfie from our studio and shared it on Facebook or Instagram every day, and get 14 more days!   

Take charge of your life for 30 days:

  • Detoxify, strengthen and tone your body
  • Cleanse your mind
  • Improve your blood circulation
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Stimulate and balance your nervous system
  • Bring extra oxygen into the body by using a steady conscious breath
  • Improve your willpower


  • Practice daily during 30 days.
  • Our ongoing 30 Day Bikram Hot Yoga Challenge starts anytime your are ready for it. All year around. 
  • Within the 30 days you are allowed to take 2 double classes in case you miss a day of practise. It means you can make up for 2 days of missed practise to stay within reaching the goal of the 30 Day Challenge. 
  • If you quit the 30 days challenge before time - get up on the horse again - after 14 days of contemplation.
  • No triples (3 classes in a day) are allowed. Bikram Hot Yoga is a tool - not a weapon 🙂
  • You need a membership card to participate. 

 Rewards after completion of your 30 Day Challenge:

  • The greatest reward is of course the accomplishment itself. You have taken your yoga practice to another level.
  • One 14-day introduction package for free to give away to friends - or to keep for yourself.
  • If you have posted a selfie from our studio and shared it on Facebook or Instagram every day, you will get 14 more days!  

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NO BS – failure to complete the 30 classes within 30 days or miss a SELFIE DAY = MISS THE DEAL (no exceptions)